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What Makes The Intelitech Score so Effective?

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Twenty years ago, Intelitech was founded on the idea that our industry could use technology to predict which accounts are the best ones to work. Over time, we became the leader in providing technology that creates real results in our customers’ bottom lines.

A crucial component of the technology has always been account segmentation through a scoring model. Even after 20 years in the industry and over 10 years with our current data partner, there are no scores like ours. Agencies could choose credit-based scores with their narrow application or machine-learning based scores with their self-fulfilling prophecies. Only Intelitech’s score provides the effective blend of artificial intelligence, big data, historical collection performance, and tailored application that make it so successful and easy to implement.

We utilize data from a vast set of resources to develop the richest insight about consumers and their likelihood to pay. Since consumer condition changes over time, access to updated data about their situation and their behavior is essential to adjusting the score. This immense data set is then combined with the historical results of numerous and diverse agencies to identify indicators of high performing accounts. The resulting score centers on the consumer’s history, the current state of that consumer, and the past success of the agency with that consumer or others like them. State of the art machine learning technology analyzes all this data to provide the industry’s best set of scores that effectively identify the right accounts to work. The model carefully balances the likelihood of paying and the likelihood of contact to accomplish the most effective outcome. The result is a stable, long-lasting, predictive model that identifies payers, and we have years of data to prove it.

The value of the score doesn’t stop there. By intersecting the value of the opportunity with the probability of success, our customers identify and work the right accounts to maximize their effort. Since each operation is singularly complex, we tailor our scores, then monitor exclusive performance analytics to measure the impact of the score and adjust it to meet every rising challenge for each individual customer.

Our scores are unique in our space. No other has the history of performance and the consistent applicability across the diverse industry. No other has the transparency to demonstrate consistent effectiveness over years. No other has the powerful balance of the world’s data to grasp the consumer’s situation past and present to increase an agency’s likelihood to succeed. No other comes with the deep partnership with a company that knows its customers, seeks to understand their business, and puts them first.

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