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Introducing OPTIQ™ & LEVERAGE™

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This month The Intelitech Group is introducing two solutions to eliminate strategy guesswork and show what businesses can do to become more profitable.

LEVERAGE™ offers enhancements to our pioneered use of machine learning in account segmentation and prioritization, so you can apply the right amount of effort, resource, and collection method to each account. You will cut effort and resource waste, while at the same time collecting profits quicker on accounts that will pay.

The state-of-the-art analytics that come with LEVERAGE will continue to provide proof points for where your resource allocation aligns with collectable accounts. LEVERAGE provides a new signals feature to sharpen, improve, and focus the actionable data that you use to automate your workflow. Signals sift through your data to announce the useful benefits to drive evidence-based decisions.

Unique to LEVERAGE is the assigned tenured consultant who guides your use of the tools within LEVERAGE effectively and profitably. Once you see how you are allocating resources and where you should direct your efforts, you can make confident steps to move your business forward.

Intelitech created OPTIQ™ so you see what your next steps should be. OPTIQ zooms out your view of your performance over time and across the industry. You can take what you see, couple it with industry understanding, and choose a next step strategy. But before wasting time, resources, and money on sweeping changes, OPTIQ allows you to apply a strategy to a test group of accounts to see how it performs. You can learn what changes make a real difference.

LEVERAGE and OPTIQ enable you to make confident, evidence-backed improvements to your business and bottom line.

If you have any questions regarding these two solutions reach out to an Intelitech rep at or contact us online here.


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