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Implement New Technology with Confidence

When implementing new solutions and strategies, technology can reduce learning curve mistakes, increase profits, and cut losses quicker.

Too often, we see businesses implement technologies in their organization and wonder if they are now better off.

As we stare down tools like texting, emails, ringless voicemail, etc., it is important to know your outreach baselines and how you think a particular change would benefit prior to putting it in place. With a goal in mind and an understanding of baselines, you can implement tools with confidence and make adjustments based on evidence.

How can you know where things stand in your business?

What can you do to know the effects of technology or strategies?


  • Segment inventory to identify the unit yield by medal

  • Focus outreach campaigns on targeted inventory versus a blanket approach

  • Measure the impact new outreach has on staff time and commissions


  • Experiment to gain visibility into which consumers may respond well to various outreaches

  • Discover the best method to use and when

  • Study Outreach KPIs to use a comparison as change is deployed

  • Track the results of each campaign and communication type to know what is and isn’t working

With the understanding and visibility offered by LEVERAGE and OPTIQ for your shop, your team working with industry veterans will know the most profitable effort and tools. This allows you to replace guesswork with evidence.

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