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We take a holistic approach to help you realize the best possible results for your company. Our analytics help you focus on finding profitability in your inventory while our training and consulting services help you integrate it into your workflow, keep it relevant, and help your business continuously improve.


Take command of your inventory with LEVERAGE.


Boost visibility into your business with OPTIQ.


Keep recovery professionals engaged, informed and motivated.

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Our next generation of business intelligence tools for account receivable professionals. Our analytic solutions promote the right resource allocation against accounts improved by the best data available. 


Integrate an industry-leading score and set of signals into your workflow, guided by a dedicated consultant, and proven by compelling analytics. Partner with industry veterans to implement proven strategies.

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Gain visibility into how your business is performing and see how it compares to other agencies. With this new found knowledge assess test planned changes in a controlled environment to continue to optimize your operations.

Identify and pursue the right initiatives based on industry comparisons. Drive changes with confidence.

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StackUp is a game designed to keep recovery professionals engaged, informed and motivated. Managers can customize the game for their team, track performance, and provide inexpensive ongoing training. To learn more about this training method, download the data sheet.

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