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Scores Alone Aren't Enough

Updated: May 16, 2023

Everyone in collections knows that using a score can help you be more efficient, but how many agencies find using a score boosts profitability in practice, month in and month out?

To ensure that having a score turns into profiting from the score, Intelitech assigns a mentor to each customer to enable them to master using the score and other tools. These consultants capitalize on their deep industry experience (this team averages over 24 years of industry experience) to help their customers implement and operationalize the score. One of our most senior consultants, Russ Pachl, loves to “identify and solve any area of a client’s inventory where collections can be improved.” He recommends a score that is proven but unique to an agency’s business, and predictable but will adjust when business changes.

Check out Russ on this InteliTime video (3:43) offering advice on scores as he demonstrates a report that pinpoints small adjustments to increase profit.


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