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2 Master-Level Approaches to Connecting with Today’s Consumer

Updated: May 16, 2023

When was the last time regulation made it possible to move to a less expensive method for doing anything? Is it too good to be true? Not if you apply these two master-level approaches to implementing modern consumer outreach. Know What Works (and for which consumers)

As you consider implementing a new communication method, discuss how you will identify each method and measure the success of each. One level of success might be engagement, but ultimately you want to drive payments. The ability to uniquely identify the source of each hit from your IVR, inbound call, portal, SMS, or other outreach is critical to knowing what is and is not working. Once you know how to utilize a new communication method in your workflow, you also need to prove what the best method is for any one consumer. Work to identify the preferred method of communicating with the consumer and start with that until proven unsuccessful. Then move to the next lowest cost method. This continues up to a staff member manually dialing, the costliest method there is. Avoid the shotgun approach of using all the methods at once because you lose the vital information of which is best for the consumer.

Beware Inbound Overload

Many agencies deploy lower-cost methods for outreach to help with their workforce challenges. They’re correct right up to the point their staff is overwhelmed with inbound calls transferred from their self-service options.

Don’t let that happen to you! Leverage consumer self-service options but ensure they are as user-friendly as possible to keep them self-serve. In fact, choose IVRs and consumer portals over having consumers speak to an agent.

Keeping up with consumer preferences has become a new table-stakes requirement. There isn’t a cookie-cutter solution that fits every scenario, but you can experiment, learn, and share in forums and articles like this. Want to talk some more? Reach out to your client care representative. If you are not part of our Intelitech family yet and you wish you had a client care representative, reach out to us at or 360-260-9780.


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