Collector Training

Many training programs create short-term success but unfortunately don’t foster long-term change. The Intelitech Group ensures that your collectors and coaches are receiving the personal support, tools, and ongoing education you need to make the changes necessary to impact your collection efforts. View StackUp Brochure

How it Works

The Intelitech Group currently offers three different solutions to help keep your collectors at their best: StackUp™, Elevate!™, and CollectorTalk!™. These solutions were designed to not only keep your collectors informed about the latest collection methods, regulations and standards, but to also keep them engaged by applying and practicing the concepts they are taught.

Why You Need It

Our solutions provide training for your collectors to be able to collect more dollars on accounts while keeping your company compliant. In an ever changing industry, we’ll be able to help keep your collectors informed on the latest policies and procedures, as well as improve their communication skills through live onsite trainings. We also provide activities your collectors can do every day to keep their skills sharp.

Communication Skills Training

We offer a variety of training methods to improve your collector’s communication skills, both onsite training (live training at your location), as well as exercises your staff can do every day at their work stations – reinforcing proven practices in order to recover more revenue.

Compliance Training

Train your collectors to be prepared with the latest information from the following industry regulators: CFPB, FDCPA, FCRA, HIPAA, TCPA, and GBLA. We’ll introduce you to a new way to learn these concepts through a fun, interactive, and motivating manner.

Monitor Collector Performance

Take out the guess work and create the optimal work environment by making appropriate adjustments based off of your staff’s recovery ability.

Evaluate Business Performance

Through automated reports and analytics, you’ll not only be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a company, but also see how you compare to other recovery organizations in the industry.

Success Stories

StackUp is a great way to keep current collection techniques, news, and laws in the forefront of our financial counselor’s mindset while doing the daily tasks of the collection industry. I appreciate the way the site is set up and its’ competitive and fun nature. The eight categories provide a clear understanding of where additional training is needed for my staff. StackUp is a great way to help my staff stay focused on doing the right thing. I highly recommend StackUp as a training tool.

Noah Hensley | Collection Manager A-1 Collections

We hired Intelitech to do some training with our collection staff. Wow! What a difference it has made in our corporate culture. Elevate!, made a significant impact on our collectors as well as our managers

Will Edwards | Collection Director Credit Bureau Systems

StackUp allows us to continuously focus on compliance while still keeping it fun and competitive. We all know that the best way to learn is repetition, and by answering our StackUp questions each day, the repetition of questions and answers helps our agency maintain compliance with all the regulations.

Jared Legg | VP of Operations HSAM

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