Collection Analytics

The Intelitech Group’s business analytic solutions consist of several data intelligence programs and services designed to help collection entities recover more revenue by working smarter. Our services are used to power several key providers’ analytic offerings in the ARM industry, including Ontario Systems® and Interprose® analytic solutions. view brochure

How it Works

By calculating large amounts of data and consumer information into intuitive results, you will be able to minimize your efforts while maximizing your collections enabling you to focusing on the most profitable accounts. You will also be able to improve your consumer reach, avoid risk, evaluate your performance, and improve financial growth.

Why You Need It

Our analytic services will help your company reduce costs, increase collections, and help aid in strategic business decisions.

Forecast payment probabilities and identify which accounts are most likely to generate revenue

Provide expert strategies that help you determine the best collector to work an account, and which accounts are not worth working at all

Monitor, measure, and control costs by client and determine profitability by market segment

Produce specialized reports and graphs that identify where your people, processes and technology will generate the best possible ROI

Optimize Effort

Optimize your efforts by incorporating automation for remedial tasks that traditionally were done manually, this will allow your agents to focus more time on tasks that generate revenue and less time on tasks that don’t.

Improve Consumer Reach

Our services help you to always have the right accounts in front of you, allowing you to increase your daily contacts well above the industry average. Improving your consumer reach means improving your ability to generate more revenue, adding dollars to your bottom line.

Avoid Risk Situations

We have several monitoring and tracking solutions that help identify which accounts may initiate litigation against you. These solutions use automation to move these accounts down the proper business cycle, alleviating thousands of dollars from potential law suits.

Evaluate Performance

Our analytic services provide several ways to help you effortlessly evaluate performance. Using business intelligence, you’ll experience trend analysis, and be able to evaluate your business so you’ll always know what is or is not optimally working within your organization.

Success Stories

I’m passionate about The Intelitech Group. You guys have helped our company a lot. I know that I push things trying to do things a little different all of the time and it gets a little crazy. I see so much capability with your data and tools. To make it even better is the knowledge you have to make it all work. Thank you very much for working to make our company and industry better!

Chris Dunkum | CEO First Collection Services

Intelitech’s Analytics Services have proven to be an asset not only to Eastern Account Systems’ bottom line, but also to our clients. It has allowed us to consolidate many of the separate, time-consuming processes that we formerly used – freeing up hours of tedium spent each week by my administrative staff. By automating those processes, Eastern Account Systems became more valuable to its clients, responding more quickly and thoroughly to accounts than was possible in the past. I can’t imagine anyone not being able to improve their business with Intelitech’s analytics services.

Steve Zank | Vice President Eastern Accounts System

Along with the score, we also receive bankruptcy and deceased information, it’s a robust program that really helps us drill into our inventory and put our focus where it needs to be so as a company, we’re getting a strong profitable return from the client.

Tammy Keener Credit Service Company of Colorado

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