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Tackle New Technology without Fear

Updated: Jun 25

Right after getting married and leaving the benefits of our family’s car insurance, my wife and I sat down with an insurance salesman to understand what car insurance we needed. The presentation created fear using “what if” scenarios. Because we didn’t know better, we had to trust the professional. This was an expensive mistake. To this day I have never yet needed the amount of coverage we bought. Now, I know more and my car insurance decisions are wiser. Knowledge is a great equalizer when it comes to making profitable decisions.

I am getting that same vibe now, more than at any other time in my two decades in this industry, from messages about recent technology, compliance trends, and all the new communication tools. The new tools are certainly exciting, but don’t give into the fear tactic that you need them right now, all at once, no matter who you are. The key is to do your homework, know your needs, and fill the holes in your organization with the most profitable methods available. Implement one at a time to target specific opportunities and you will know what makes a positive impact and what does not.

We make wiser decisions when we take time to generate data from experimenting with the technology and then understand what the data means. This effort eliminates the intimidation factor, and the costly mistakes.

Learn from me, I didn’t need the insurance I bought and frankly the money would have been better spent elsewhere. A little more knowledge about my needs would have gone a long way.

Trade intimidation for knowledge by identifying gaps in your operation, review the marketplace for solutions, and pursue them methodically. This way you will know which solutions work along with understanding the costs and benefits of each.

Attack today’s hype with intelligence and you will make profitable decisions.


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