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Celebrating 25 Years

The numbers are in, and the gossip is true. The Intelitech Group is celebrating 25 years of business, and we can’t thank you enough.


It has been and continues to be a thrilling ride as we use data to challenge the status quo, pioneer progress, and push past what has been done historically in our industry.


One common phrase, we have said through the years is, “your success is our success.” This simple team-oriented idiom defines us well as we have learned, celebrated, and jumped into the trenches tackling issues head on with many of you and felt your successes.


As our industry adjusts to a fast-paced world and demands change, we are excited to continue at the forefront in understanding through data what changes are more relevant and profitable. Our quest over the last 25 years has been to be innovative in solution and a step ahead in service.


Right now, more than ever using data to assist in decision making is crucial for continuous forward progress. We have new tools in the marketplace and more data. The tools of yesterday continue to perform but the way they are used and when they are used successfully can be different. Using data driven decisions to discern what’s best for your organization is proving a great compass in today’s industry storm.


We are excited to continue with you to help navigate through options to understand what is really best. Often, this is a client-by-client adventure and we look forward to spending the next 25 years working jointly as a team with you.


Thank you for the last 25 years! 



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