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5 Sports Tools to Enhance Your Business

In sports, athletes and teams watch film to break down their performance and identify key movements that if improved would make them better. In business, you can use an equivalent method to create improved movements to enhance your performance.

Here are 5 tools to create the business film you need to then build the right strategies:

  1. Analytics act as a camera to show businesses what is going on. Like sports, long gone are the days that successful businesses operate on gut feel. These businesses look to statistics to determine everything from strategy to their personnel. If you want to compete in today’s technological world, you need analytics.

  2. Scores like player stats can give you additional understanding as to what is going on. They offer insight from everything to the paper you are receiving, to the best strategies for your shop. Identifying your most valuable accounts certainly assists in knowing how to allocate time, energy, and resources profitably. Scores give the successful, understanding of what they have to work with.

  3. Account monitoring and scrubbing allows you to operate efficiently and at your best just like a trainer would offer a pro athlete. Little changes in diet, exercise, and sleep routine, although not always referenced and talked about, can have a big impact in an athlete’s ability to deliver. Similar to this, the scrub allows you to weed out accounts that would hinder strategy progress and provide peace of mind when compliance and lawsuit conversations occur. Knowing the tips and tricks can be a difference maker for those working with tight margins.

  4. Understandable data is the data analyst that pops in with interesting and helpful facts. In collections, this data can go a long way in helping to know what medium of communication technology to use and enriching an account’s contact ability. The key is to have data that can be understood and used easily in your strategies.

  5. A knowledgeable coach is used by all the best intelligent athletes because they know a coach can push them to do things they wouldn’t on their own and see things they couldn’t see. The perspective of an industry veteran brings a great deal of confidence when you plan and execute new strategies.

Utilizing these tools will provide you with similar advantages sports teams receive when analyzing film and statistics. You will know what to work on and how much energy to allot for success. The secret is not just having the tools but knowing how to use them. If you have any questions regarding any of these tools, feel free to reach out to us at the Intelitech Group


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