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4 Helps for Managing the Storms of Change | ARM Industry Tips

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Working smarter is not just something we tout to our clients; it is something we continuously pursue inside our company walls. The Intelitech Group supplies technical tools and expertise to assist organizations to succeed in our shifting industry.

We propose more efficient workflows, easier compliance, profitable communication strategies, and the best ways to work a business’s highest yielding accounts to name a few. While we are with you from start to finish, we know that trusting evidence-based recommendations can be challenging because it requires change to your operations.

As we look at our own operations, we too experience the friction that accompanies change even if it is for the better and the data exists to corroborate the new strategy. Since we’re all in this together, I thought I would offer up four things that have helped us to continually improve as we seek to work smarter:

  1. The right people are necessary – everyone in your business needs to be on the same page with company goals and to understand their role in accomplishing the desired outcomes. Some attrition is natural with change. Our team continues to get stronger in both skillset and unity of goals. Amy Kennedy, added to our development team about a year ago stated, “I take profound satisfaction whenever an idea comes to life and makes a true difference in our customers’ operations.” This is very much a shared goal at Intelitech.

  2. Attitude is the difference – Those that believe their efforts will make a better tomorrow are those that dig in and work hard through arduous or tricky situations. The wrong attitude breeds contempt and a victim mentality when facing the things that matter most for a company’s success.

  3. Flexibility is required – Sometimes the goal changes and we must have a team that is willing to change with it. Those that don’t keep pace with what is going on feel excluded from the success train or even create their own “negativity group.”

  4. Continuous learning is essential - With technology and industry continually churning, a willingness to learn is no longer optional. Your team must be willing to learn new things and new ways of doing business. Technology, regulation, and pandemics move too fast to continue to do the same thing and pray it still works. Technology can assist to know what is working.

As we continue to grow at Intelitech we recognize things move better when a team has the right people, a constructive attitude, are flexible, and have a willingness to learn. Overall, when you have the right team, you realize that change is not the exception but the norm. Working smarter requires the right team and technology together making each other better through healthy competition. When the team embraces growth and trusts the vision, they can succeed no matter the circumstances.

We’d love to hear from you on how your team has weathered the storms of the pandemic, the “great resignation”, working from home, regulation, and other challenges, to create growth and turn circumstances into opportunities.


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