CAMAS, Wash. – The Intelitech Group™, a premier analytics provider and consulting service in the Accounts Receivables Management industry, is pleased to announce the latest upgrade to their training game for recovery professionals, StackUp™.

This update will allow managers to add their own questions for their associates playing StackUp. By allowing the ability to add custom questions, managers will be able to tailor the game around their business to satisfy their specific training needs.

StackUp comes preloaded with hundreds of questions that help test and train recovery professionals, these questions are based primarily around industry regulations and best practice communication techniques.

The Intelitech Group’s training game has undergone several enhancements since its launch, the most recent of these has been the new analytic reporting feature, and now the ability for users to add their own questions. “We will continue to invest in the evolution of StackUp and our mission to keep collectors engaged and educated through fun, incentive-driven training,” said Daniel Houston, Associate Partner at The Intelitech Group.

For more information on StackUp’s latest update, contact The Intelitech Group at (360) 260-9780 and schedule a free demo to see how it works.

About StackUp

StackUp is a unique training solution that uses gamification to help keep recovery professionals energized and in-tune with the latest methods and regulations.  By playing for only a few minutes a day, they will improve their skills that will help keep their business complaint as they become updated on the latest collection laws and regulations.  For additional information, visit

About The Intelitech Group

The Intelitech Group, a premier analytics provider for the Accounts Receivables Management industry, provides consulting and technology solutions to help businesses work smarter to achieve optimal results. Leveraging industry expertise and market intelligence with latest technology innovations, The Intelitech Group brings extensive knowledge, insights and practical tools to help agencies delve deep into all facets of the organization to measure, analyze and implement results-oriented solutions. For additional information, visit


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