The Intelitech Group is pleased to announce their consultant, Terry Glidden, will be speaking at ACA International’s Spring Forum & Expo 2020. Glidden will be presenting in Friday’s session, “The Corporate Planning Process: A Strategic Game.” as part of the Business Intelligence track.

Glidden has worked in the ARM industry for nearly 20 years, over 15 of which he spent working at Ontario Systems providing product and operations services. Additionally, he has worked closely with agencies on inventory prioritization, data analysis, and strategy improvements. At The Intelitech Group, Glidden continues his work with agencies, focusing on driving results with data and analysis.

Glidden will be accompanied by Daniel Houston of The Intelitech Group and exhibiting at Table #3. Be sure to stop by and learn more about how Intelitech can help you optimize your work efforts.

Class Description
You plan what you will be making for dinner tonight. You plan your annual family vacation. You plan for how many new clients you would like to obtain in 2020. You plan to be the best, most compliant ARM industry office in America. But how many of your daily personal and professional plans are strategic in nature? This session will look at the value of formal strategic planning, the steps necessary, and the roles of team players in the process.

About The Intelitech Group
The Intelitech Group is a research and advisory firm serving the ARM industry for over 20 years. Our work has empowered hundreds of organizations to work smarter using operational consulting, machine learning, and actionable data. We optimize work efforts, improve consumer reach, and avoid risk while evaluating and bench-marking performance.


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