About This Virtual Event

Welcome to Synergy, a virtual event exclusively for Intelitech users that is meant to build community and express appreciation. Thank you for all you do, we hope you’ll find this event beneficial.


Networking and Collaboration

Organizations will have the opportunity to network with other comparable organizations who are in similar circumstances using similar tools. Participants can also get acquainted with Intelitech team members.



Intelitech will be hosting complimentary live and pre-recorded sessions and discussions throughout the day on various topics. If you miss a class, they will be available later in the on-demand section.



In addition to this free one day event, recognitions, promotions, competitions and incentives will be going on throughout the month. Be sure to stay connected so your organization doesn’t miss out on anything.

Event Schedule

Throughout the day, you’ll have the opportunity to attend ongoing live sessions as well as pre-recorded sessions and a panel discussion.  During these interactive sessions, you can ask questions or send comments. Sessions are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Thursday,  June 3, 2021 (EST)

  • 11:00AM-11:10AM |  Welcome
  • 11:15AM-12:00PM |  The Analytics That Drive Your Decisions
  • 12:00PM-12:15PM |  Speak With an Expert
  • 12:15PM-1:00PM   |  Lunch
  • 1:00PM-1:30PM     |  Leveraging Intelitech Services
  • 1:30PM-2:00PM     |  Speak With an Expert
  • 2:00PM-2:30PM     |  Your Best Collections Ever in Three Steps
  • 2:35PM-3:30PM     |  Intelitech Subscriber Panel
  • 3:35PM-4:00PM     |  Closing Remarks

Session Details

The Analytics That Drive Your Decisions

Speakers: Russ Pachl, The Intelitech Group | Billie Barnes, The Intelitech Group
We will walk you through how to use analytics to make smart decisions in payplan, settlement, and other collection efforts. Using scores to identify the most appropriate accounts to work.

Your Best Collections Ever in Three Steps

Speaker: Jason Houston, The Intelitech Group
Do your Collectors need a boost? Learn the steps collectors need to take to get to the next level of collection performance. Jason will walk you through how to keep your Collectors engaged, motivated, and progressing.

Leveraging Intelitech Services: Partner Session

Speakers: Ray Cox, The Intelitech Group | Todd Hinrichs, Phin Solutions | Brandon Medlin, LocateSmarter | Javier Alvarado, TransUnion
Learn more about what makes your tools so powerful by gaining insight on how Intelitech, Phin Solutions, LocateSmarter, and TransUnion work together to leverage services to bring you more reliable solutions. Learn about their innovations, roadmaps, and ideas that can assist you in your recovery efforts.

Intelitech Subscriber Panel

Moderator: Jason Dodge, The Intelitech Group
Panelists: Mark Boich, JP Recovery | Karen White, ARC Management Group | Kory Eller, Revenue Enterprises, LLC
This discussion will include insight from recovery organizations by sharing first hand experience. Panelists will share what tools they are using and how those tools are affecting their account recovery process in different real life scenarios.

Collector Training Competition

During the month of June, we will also be holding our Annual StackUp (Collector Training) competition where we will be giving away hundreds of dollars in prizes. It is best to have your team already signed up, and familiar with the software prior to June 1st. To say thank you to your organization, sign your business up for a free month of StackUp during our annual competition using code: SYNERGY21

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