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April – June 2020

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A Fun Way to Train Collectors and Stay Compliant During The COVID-19 Pandemic

To show our appreciation to the industry that has been so good to us for all these years we are offering our collector training and compliance tool for your entire organization.
StackUp introduces a non-traditional way of training that is simple, easy to track and flexible. Collectors become trained in compliance, communication techniques, and collection news. StackUp utilizes gamification and a fun competition to show collection professionals and managers how their knowledge and skills StackUp to their peers and the industry. It is a game designed to keep collectors engaged, informed and motivated while on the phones.

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What is StackUp?

About The Training Offer

Reach out to us during the month of April to access this offer for your entire organization. You will be given access until the end of June. We can quickly set up your team on StackUp to start using our fun and effective learning tool. We want to help keep your associates’ communication skills sharp, be well informed on industry regulations, and stay compliant.

  • The system is web-based – can be played anywhere
  • Tailored to current events – we created a new category centered around COVID-19
  • Certificates awarded to the top performers
  • Monitor and track staff performance

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