A Fun Way to Train Collectors and Stay Compliant During
The COVID-19 Pandemic

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What is StackUp?

StackUp introduces a non-traditional way of training that is simple, easy to track and flexible.

  • Training Tool – Train collection staff in compliance, communications, and industry news and regulations
  • Collector Game – Fun competitive way to keep collectors engaged, informed and motivated while on the phones
  • Performance Tracker – Shows recovery professionals how their knowledge and skills StackUp to their peers and the industry

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How Does This Offer Work?

  • To show our appreciation to the industry, and to alleviate pandemic hardships for organizations, we are offering StackUp free for 90 days
  • Organizations who enter the promo code: STACKUP90 this month will be granted access for their entire organization
  • Reach out to us and we can quickly get you and your team set up, and answer any questions you might have
  • We want to help keep your associates’ communication skills sharp, be well informed on industry updates and regulations, and stay compliant

How Does StackUp Work?

What You Get

  • Unlimited users, including admins
  • No Contract
  • Material on FDCPA, FCRA, HIPAA, GLBA, Communication and Technique, as well as other categories
  • The ability to create your own material
  • Web-based – can be played anywhere
  • Tailored to current events – we created a new category centered around COVID-19
  • Certificates awarded to the top performers
  • Reports showing the progress of your team as well as the history of their training
  • No Charge for 90 days with promo code: STACKUP90

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