2019 Annual Collector Competition

March 1st – March 31st

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A Fun Way to Train Collectors And Stay Compliant

StackUp introduces a non-traditional way of training that is simple, easy to track and flexible. Collectors become trained in compliance, communication techniques and collection news. StackUp utilizes gamification and a fun competition to show collection professionals and managers how their knowledge and skills StackUp to their peers and the industry. It is a game designed to keep collectors engaged, informed and motivated while on the phones.

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Annual Competition

Although StackUp’s competitions happen every month, once a year we host our biggest challenge. Our annual collector competition has bigger prizes, more contestants, and unseen content. This gives the winner bragging rights for a year!

As collectors compete for prizes at a short 3-5 minutes a day, managers and business owners will receive real time reports tracking where individuals and entire agencies excel, and where additional training could occur. Your organization won’t want to miss this risk-free competition (did we mention it is free to first time participants?), and opportunity to see how you, StackUp.

Join For Free With Coupon Code: 2019COMP

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