We take a holistic approach to help you realize the best possible results for your company. Our analytics help you focus on finding profitability in your inventory while our training and consulting services help you integrate it into your workflow, keep it relevant, and help your business continuously improve.

Support From Collective Experts


Target Focus

Our analytics and training services are designed to help ARM professionals collect more with less effort while remaining compliant. Our services coupled with ongoing consulting from seasoned industry experts assures you’ll get the biggest return on your investment.


Integrated Solutions

Integration with your ARM platform means no disparate systems to manage, and data is programmatically accessible by your existing workflows. Our experts utilize core functionality within your system, in addition to leveraging value-add tools available within your Intelitech solutions.



After identifying your priorities through analytics, our staff will help you know what to focus on, and how to keep getting better. Coming from a variety of collection backgrounds, our consultants will help you unleash the power of your business using technology.

Accounts Receivables Analytics

Our knowledge-based analytic solutions help ARM professionals attain clarity and overcome constraints by leveraging the best data available and automates industry-proven strategies. Our consultants manage data, analyze information, and make recommendations for best results.

Recover Smarter

Collector Training

Connecting with your debtors by phone is one of the most effective ways to collect money. But when your collectors can’t communicate skillfully, they tend to recover fewer dollars. Our services help improve their communications skills, keeping you compliant while collecting more dollars.

Train Smarter

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