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Collection Analytics

Ultimate Analytics - Data Sheet

Ultimate Analytics: Sales Sheet

Your journey to work smarter starts here. Download the Ultimate Analytics data sheet to get an idea of how data intelligence can improve your workflow. You’ll be introduced to proven techniques such as work flow strategies, account segmentation, reporting, as well as a robust data enrichment package all to help you recover smarter.


Data Enrichment Data Sheet

Data Enrichment: Data Sheet

There are many data providers eager to sell you vast amounts of data, but that information not put to proper use can be less effective. Learn how to get the most out of the data you have as we teach you how to effectively put that data to work. You’ll see more results with less effort.


Charity Data Sheet

Presumptive Charity: Sales Sheet

No healthcare organization wants to play the guessing game when it comes to consumer debt. Our charity solutions not only help you identify which portions of your inventory are most likely to pay, but also helps you easily identify those accounts within the industry write-off standard of 200% FPG and below. Download our data sheet to learn more.


Buyers Guide

ARM Industry Data and Scoring: Buyer’s Guide

When is the last time you evaluated your data and scoring provider? It’s a place in your ARM business that can be costly but also create significant returns. If you aren’t sure that you are getting the best solution or if you are currently evaluating a new vendor – download this helpful buyer’s guide.


Data Driven Whitepaper

Three Data Driven Strategies: White Paper

Recovery organizations share many common challenges, ranging from shrinking margins, legal settlements, compliance, as well as associate turnover. Despite all these challenges, organizations are still thriving by focusing on becoming data driven. Download this whitepaper to learn more.


Ultimate Analytics - Data Sheet

MetricsPlus: Sales Sheet

Looking for a flexible collection analytics package that will work universally on any platform? Look no further than MetricsPlus™! MetricsPlus is similar to UltimateAnalytics minus the exclusivity to Finvi® collection platforms.

Case Studies

Case Study - Eastern Account System

Eastern Account System: Case Study

With the critical need to become more efficient, it leaves businesses seeking new ways to improve results.  For our most successful clients, it all boils down to cutting out wasted effort. We recently sat down with one of our valued clients, a leader in the ARM space, to talk about how the challenge of optimization can be successfully addressed.


NHC Case Study

National Healthcare Collections: Case Study

Most agencies are using data and scoring today, but it’s not always clear if it’s doing its job. National Healthcare Collections was specifically after data and tools that would help them identify which accounts to contact, and a workflow strategy that focused on ROI. Read this case study to see how National Healthcare Collections found their solution.


Collector Training

StackUp Data Sheet

StackUp, Collector Training Game: Data Sheet

StackUp is a game designed to keep recovery professionals engaged, informed and motivated. Managers can customize the game for their team, track performance, and provide inexpensive ongoing training. To learn more about this training method, download the data sheet.


Monitoring Services

Bankruptcy & Deceased: Sales Sheet

Your business can avoid risk and wasted effort by identifying deceased, bankrupt and litigious consumers listed on your accounts. Our monitoring service finds new information and generates responses daily where your workflow automation can then take the appropriate action on these consumers’ accounts.

Statute of Limitations: Sales Sheet

Improve your organization’s Statute of Limitations workflow through Statute Monitoring — an automated solution to identify accounts that are approaching or are already out of statute. If you’re looking to reduce risk as regulators increase focus on how you collect time-barred debts, then this solution is for you.

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