We’re thrilled to be speaking at PowerUp 2019, Ontario Systems Annual User Conference, with one of our valued clients, Mark Boich, from JP Recovery Services, Inc. Our session, Road-tested ARM Analytics: Learn About Today’s Most Advanced Operations, is a peer-to-peer opportunity for agency leaders to learn from each other.

When we sat down to plan for the session, it became clear that Operational Excellence is basically synonymous with being Data-Driven.  Moving your agency away from “gut instincts” and opinion-based processes and procedures can significantly improve your growth trajectory.

For many businesses in the ARM industry, being data-driven can seem overwhelming. The belief that a data warehouse or data analysist is required to remain competitive has hindered businesses from innovating.

In this session, Mark Boich will share his experiences at JP Recovery Services, Inc. and how they were able to innovate operationally and leverage their data without building massive data teams and infrastructure. Mark will go into details on:

  • How they began the process of operating innovation with data partners
  • Tools they used to gather data
  • What types of projects and processes they use data to maximize ROI (e.g. RPCs)
  • How they score and segment accounts

This speaking session will be on Wednesday, August 28th from 10:20 am – 11:20 am.  For those of you who won’t be in San Diego later this month to see it in person – we’ll be posting a detailed summary of insights after the session. Make sure to subscribe to our blog below.

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About JP Recovery Services, Inc.

JP Recovery Services, Inc. is a full-service accounts receivable management company that provides collection support to credit grantors to improve cash flow and reduce aged receivables. All account follow-up activities are conducted with professional efficiency to maximize and protect client reputation. To learn more about JP Recovery Services, Inc. Click here.

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