Envision a dashboard that used specific actionable data metrics unique to your organization to make REALTIME adjustments to improve performance. We believe we can do that. 

20 years ago, The Intelitech Group pioneered the concept and use of a score specific to collections. As the years progressed, we added functionality like charity scoring, data scrubbing, and reportingWe also provided consulting services to best implement the score. All this time we have been collecting unique data not being stored in any other space. The time has come for Intelitech to once again pioneer innovation within the Accounts Receivable marketplace. 

The industry has long known that it would benefit agencies to provide comparable benchmarks so they would have a clearer understanding of performance. Benchmarking data collected through the years have reviewed things such as liquidation and collector payIt became apparent that there were too many variables to compare one organization to another, much less derive actionable intelligence from the processLimited participation by agencies impacted statistical relevance and many agencies had to guess or estimate some of their data.  

What can we learn from this to help a company make more money? 

  • We need to move to proactive decisions that have a real impact on our success and away from late-stage reactions. 
  • Individualized, targeted, and effective data elements help us to make better decisions. Data for the sake of gathering data only make life and business more complicated.  
  • We can use key-value metrics of actionable data to create an early warning system for performance, and then normalize those key-value metrics to establish a comparative performance landscape with other agencies. 

Our vision moving forward is to provide insight into processes that bring successTo create a more proactive approach we will watch early measures to prioritize changes​ moving forward. Using a champion/challenger thesis we will help build hypotheses, measure, and empower proactive change​. We can provide what the industry has been craving for years, a way to compare measures to one another to establish norms and then plan to exceed them. 

Come meet with us as we will be presenting on this topic at ACA International’s Fall Forum & Expo. We look forward to hearing your ideas.  Together, we will create the next revolution in performance management. 


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