Most of us are anxious for the COVID-19 pandemic to pass.  We’re looking forward to returning to life as to how things were before COVID-19 hit, and resuming business as before.  But after the pandemic, chances are business will not be the same as before — at least not for a while. The effects and the toll COVID-19 has had on organizations will take time to normalize, especially in the Accounts Recovery Industry.

We’ve been consultants in the ARM industry for over 20 years and have seen many challenges that companies, like yourselves, have faced and overcome.  Each challenge requires some tweaking and analysis, forcing you to work as smart and efficient as possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting nationwide shutdown are creating a significant backlog of inventory for the ARM industry.  This backlog will inevitably flood the ARM industry in a matter of months.  Now is the time to partner up and get your revenue engine tuned.  Our team can perform a complimentary no risk analysis to show you areas of opportunity and assist in preparing you for an uncertain future.

Here are a few of the areas we can assist you with today:

  • Prioritize Accounts Using Machine Learning and BIG Data – Prioritizing your accounts will empower you to do more with significantly fewer resources, as well as send letters and make calls to the correct segments of your inventory
  • Presumptive Charity – Assist Healthcare providers to identify consumers who should qualify for a write-off or discount
  • Data Enrichment – Eliminate wasted efforts on risky accounts & increase the likelihood of right-party contact
  • Telephony Analysis – Tune and optimize how you contact consumers through your telephony platform
  • StackUp – Engage collectors using gamification to keep them compliant with regulations affecting the ARM industry

Here are a few experiences our clients are having working with our consultants:

“When it comes to the Telephony Analysis, we feel as though Terry went above and beyond to assist us in strengthening the way that we dial our accounts and the intricacies that come with the strategy of dialing. He is extremely fluent in all aspects of the dialer and has been an incredible help being that he has been on the agency side himself. Terry has continued to check in with us and monitor our dialing strategies even after the audit has been completed. We would highly recommend Terry if you are looking for assistance with your own dialing strategies or the settings on your dialer itself.” – Rebecca Roberts-Stewart | COO | LJ Ross Associates, Inc
“While the Intelitech Products have made our agency more efficient and productive, it’s the consultative partnership approach from Intelitech that has exceeded our expectations.” – John Fleming | Office Manager | MCOT

By reaching out for consultative assistance and applying these methods to your organization, you’ll be able to work more efficiently and be better prepared for the upcoming complexities COVID-19 is having on account recoveries.  We will assist your organization in finding out what areas need your attention now and into the future.  Contact us to schedule your complimentary Performance Analysis.


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