Recently, our company was speaking with some of our users who were playing our collector training game, StackUp™. One collector we were speaking with mentioned a few of the reasons why she enjoyed playing StackUp and compared the game to eating vegetables. She said…

The reason StackUp is fun for me is because I don’t know that I’m doing training. I’m learning and retaining information in a manner that is fun yet also productive.  It’s a disguise in a sense of eating your vegetables – you know you should eat them, they’re good for you, but it’s portrayed in a way where you’re not knowing that you’re eating them.  That’s the comparison that I have with StackUp; it’s something that we look forward to in the office to be able to play and go over questions and learn from each other.

Making Vegetables Taste Better

Eating vegetables is not always fun, especially for kids who don’t understand the long-term benefits from eating healthy; likewise, training is not always fun – especially in the ARM industry where laws, regulations and the ways a business can collect are always changing.  So how do we make vegetables taste better?  A little bit of seasoning, maybe cooking them differently – there are a few times I find a recipe that gets my kids to eat their vegetables without them realizing it, a few extreme examples, although still unhealthy, are zucchini bread and pumpkin pie – so tasty!

How to make Collector Training “Taste Better”

When training collectors the thought of sitting through lectures, studying documentation and taking quizzes can be extremely demotivating and expensive.  StackUp is a non-traditional way to train collectors, which focuses on making training enjoyable.  We found many businesses who are using StackUp have collectors who are more engaged and knowledgeable on the phones.  StackUp uses a daily repetitive learning system which keeps Collectors always in-tune and updated on a continual basis.  The best part is “Collectors are learning and don’t even realize it because they are having fun” (John Fleming | Collection Manager | MCOT) 

Monthly Cash Prizes, Competitive environment, quick game play and performance monitoring are only a few ways StackUp makes training more enjoyable, to learn more about the StackUp game click here.


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