How NHC Collection Rates Increased By Nearly 20%

National Healthcare Collections Case Study

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The Challenge: Growing Revenue Cycle Leader Seeks ROI-Based Strategy Improvements

As a growing Accounts Receivables Management operation with deep Revenue Cycle expertise, National Healthcare Collections had invested significant time and resource into learning their systems and data and how best to scale quickly. Despite the progress achieved through the hands-on experience and discovery; they recognized that two limitations existed in their strategy – internal software knowledge, and insight into how they were performing as compared to similar organizations.

“We had mastered our own trial and error process and always operated on our own best practices when we recognized an opportunity to supplement our approach to the benefit of our collectors,” shared Paul Rymer, President of National Healthcare Collections. “We were specifically after data and tools that would help us better identify which accounts to contact, and a workflow strategy that focused on ROI.”

When seeking outside business partners, Rymer was introduced to the expertise offered by The Intelitech Group through attendance at a national ARM tradeshow. “There was an obvious alignment with the scoring, account workflow, and data enrichment tools offered from Intelitech. Plus, they offered up performance perspective from working with similar companies. However, any time you are going to really trust someone with your business performance strategy, it’s not a simple decision,” said Rymer.

To aid in the decision-making process, Rymer leaned not only on referrals from other clients but also on the insight Intelitech was able to provide: “Just through our discovery process, Intelitech understood the needs of our business and provided a clear directive on where we could immediately improve performance.”

The reason we place such confidence in our strategies and path today is because we have a partner that is qualified in the collections industry, our software, and who works by our side to problem-solve.

Paul Rymer | President National Healthcare Collections

The Solution: Analytics From The Intelitech Group

National Healthcare Collections adopted Ultimate® Analytics from Intelitech, a comprehensive suite of tools that enhance workflow, leverage consumer data, and drive performance – all delivered by a consultant who understands not only ARM strategies, but who has depth of expertise on their collection platform.

“The reason we place such confidence in our strategies and path today is because we have a partner that is qualified in the collections industry, our software, and who works by our side to problem-solve,” shared Rymer.

Today, if you ask the team at National Healthcare Collections why they would recommend Intelitech solutions and services, you get this simple three-letter answer: “ROI.” In fact, early performance wins include an 18% increase in collections, collections on 10% more of the accounts, and a very significant savings in letter and postage costs.

In addition to expected performance outcomes, there were some unexpected impacts to the business when it came to the collectors’ demeanor. “Simply knowing how the accounts are ranked has allowed collectors to invest appropriate energy into each interaction”, said Rymer, “and that means more positive interactions and attitudes all around – what business owner doesn’t want that?”

About National Healthcare Collections

National Healthcare Collections was built in 2004 around a mission: providing a reputable, knowledgeable healthcare collections partner for improving revenue cycle. Today, National Healthcare manages delinquent accounts for over 500 healthcare clients and have collected almost $20 million in past due balances. National Healthcare’s difference lives in the alignment of a service model with the core values of the team: Respect, Dignity, Empathy and Teamwork. Additionally, the team focuses on bringing patient accounts current all while preserving a strong patient-physician relationship. You can learn more at

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