If you could personify collector training what kind of friend would it be? It would most likely be a friend that you are forced to be with, talks way too much, and is always asking for a lot of money. This friend for sure isn’t fun to be with and consumes way too much of your time.

It is safe to say that collector training wouldn’t be a very great friend. At The Intelitech Group™ we came together to create StackUp – a better friend for you.

We have been involved in the training of literally thousands of collectors and managers since 1998.  Our consultants have been introduced to all types of different shops, working with various types of paper and analyzing hundreds of training programs, we learned a lot of commonalities and desires of what businesses wanted their friend or training to be.

The Need for a Better Friend

These organizations were ready to move past the thought of sitting through lectures, studying documentation and taking quizzes that can be extremely expensive and demotivating. We noted most shops were looking for a silver bullet when it came to training.  They wanted their training to be effective, trackable, inexpensive, and engaging.  They also didn’t want the training to take too much time off the phones or be forgotten.

We took the feedback we received from these different organizations and researched ways to incorporate these needs into one all-encompassing solution. This is where StackUp came from!  It came from agencies and organizations coming together asking for something better.  Something to enhance what they do! After all, isn’t that the purpose of a friend?

Building the Friendship

In subsequent weeks and months, we will share ideas, tips and tricks on how StackUp and our training concepts can be your friend and help solve your agencies’ training needs. We will dive into proven training techniques and methods such as gamification, competition, repetitive learning and more. We will also study the analytics and identify pain points and trends within the industry.

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If you are interested in seeing a demo of StackUp contact The Intelitech Group at (360)-260-9780 or email us at todd.anderson@intelitechgroup.com


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