We recently hosted a town-hall-style discussion that focused on how recovery organizations are coping with global change due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The title of the webinar was Navigating Your Organization Through Turbulent Times. The discussion consisted of four panelists from different third-party organizations who shared their experience.  Shared experiences ranged from the struggles, successes, and changes organizations are going through, touching on subjects such as working remotely, cutting back on resources, adapting workflow strategies, and how technology and automation can help.

The town-hall-style format allowed an informative discussion to take place that revealed common and not-so-common struggles organizations have been dealing with.  Not only were struggles revealed, but also the solutions to those struggles.  Many of these solutions were out-of-the-box, innovative actions, which were the result of quick thinking and risky operational adjustments.  By collaborating and sharing agency experiences, participating organizations were able to reflect on their current challenges and gain inspiration on ways to cope with universal everyday struggles.

Webinar panelists consisted of Curt Jennings of Health Services Asset Management, Chris Dunkum of First Collection Services, Carma Farrar of Advantage Financial Services, and Jeff Holloway of Holloway Credit Solutions.

To view the completed webinar or share it, click on the following link:  Town Hall Recording.


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