The Intelitech Group was recently asked to participate with industry experts to provide consultative advice for organizations as to what the “Top four issues strategy execs should be thinking about right now to help improve conditions for their company, today and tomorrow?” (insideARM, 2020)  The Information provided has been assembled and published as a whitepaper on the insideARM website.

Here is a brief preview from the whitepaper:

“As COVID-19 impacts businesses across the country, many consumers have found themselves suddenly unemployed or facing reduced wages.  This is a massive change and it requires collection strategy executives to reassess everything about their short and long-term strategies.  The most immediate being if and how they engage consumers to help resolve outstanding receivables and how they manage their operations.” (insideARM, 2020)

Consultant, Terry Glidden represented The Intelitech Group. The topics discussed touched on several key issues organizations are facing today such as techniques for working remotely, working with reduced staff, strategies for working with consumers, and business operations.

To read more of the whitepaper and find out what four tips industry experts are recommending be sure to download the whitepaper from the insideARM website.

insideARM. (2020). Top 4 Issues Collection Strategy Execs Must Consider Now: COVID-19 Edition.


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