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SWCA 2023 

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October 25-27, 2023

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Making Data-driven Decisions

"The cure for most obstacles is - be decisive"

- George Weinberg, Psychologist

As a data and analytics company, we strive to help organizations make better data-driven decisions. Decisions like; where and how organizations should spend their effort, what digital communication strategy to use, and tracking the results to ensure your efforts are generating the outcomes you’re shooting for. 

Providing ARM Industry Intelligence since 1999

Analytics for Texting to Answer Debt Recovery Questions

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Business meeting

- Brian McLellan | Credit Solutions

"Intelitech empowers us to make informed collection strategy decisions and measure those decisions by looking for tangible operational impact. Their practical and rigorous technology enables confident decision-making, ensuring effectiveness in our daily operation"

Better Decisions Start Here

Committed to helping you grow

About The Intelitech Group

Business intelligence solutions for account receivable professionals.

The Intelitech Group pioneered the use of machine learning based models in account segmentation and prioritization. Intelitech continues to be on the forefront of innovation with technology-enabled solutions delivered by dedicated consultants. As a result, our customers have made confident, evidence-based business decisions for over 20 years.

Our customers operate in the Healthcare, Government, and Third-party receivables management verticals across the United States and consume over 600 million intelligent transactions from The Intelitech Group each month.

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LEVERAGE™ is an analytics-based solution for collection and revenue cycle leaders from The Intelitech Group. LEVERAGE uses proven methods to segment, score, and direct accounts delivered by an industry veteran dedicated to guide you in improving your results.

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OPTIQ™ boosts visibility into your business results using KPIs with drill-down analysis. A dedicated industry veteran will help you scrutinize current outcomes against your own historical results and past and current results of the industry. With OPTIQ™ you take control of your operational decisions by understanding what is and what is not working for you.

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The Intelitech Group's solutions incorporate data intelligence automation deeply in customer operations to apply the right amount of the right kind of resources to recovering accounts.  Our solutions create continuous improvement in a changing environment.

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