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Ultimate Analytics | Data intelligence software for Finvi® users

MetricsPlus | Universal data intelligence software

Bankruptcy & Deceased Monitoring | Avoid risk by identifying deceased, bankrupt and litigious consumers

Statute Monitoring | Identify accounts that are approaching or are already out of statute

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Understanding our industry has been inundated with increased overhead costs, it is important to know how to minimize expenses and increase profitability. Our solutions and people help to identify:

  1. Your highest yielding accounts – don’t waste money or people on accounts that won’t yield profit
  2. Which of your accounts  and consumers are past statute, bankrupt, litigious or deceased – not knowing simply costs money and time
  3. The best contact campaigns are based on account value – the faster you collect the more profitable you will be
  4. Optimal account flows and automation – adding automation to what you do limits mistakes and offers increased time for your associates

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The Intelitech Group is a research and advisory firm serving the ARM industry for over 20 years. Our work has empowered hundreds of organizations to work smarter using operational consulting, machine learning, and actionable data. We optimize work efforts, improve consumer reach, and avoid risk while evaluating and benchmarking performance.