Last week published a great article on the benefits of using automation in business, written by Michael Caccavale, CEO of Pluris Marketing.

Here’s a small excerpt from the article from Forbes:

“By embracing these automation solutions, workers are able to devote their time and resources to job tasks that can’t be delegated to a piece of technology. Workplace productivity rises, campaigns are easier and faster to manage and improved analytics means you can drive stronger customer engagement.”

Read the full article from Forbes here communityVoice: Better, Faster, Stronger: What Automation Offers To Brands.

Although the areas vary in which automation can be used, the principles and benefits of utilizing automation remain the same.  Common areas where automation is utilized in business (as mentioned in the Forbes article) include systems like CRMs, email campaign managers and Web SEO solutions which provide focus on traditional sales and marketing initiatives.

In the Accounts Receivables Management industry sales and marketing work a little differently than traditional businesses.  A company’s income or revenue is primarily received from their recovery performance as opposed to selling a product or service.  The Intelitech Group focuses on analytics designed specifically for debt recovery organizations.  Their analytics package provides automation, tracking, reporting, scoring and monitoring solutions along with ongoing support and consulting to help organizations work smarter when recovering revenue.

To learn more about automation solutions for debt recovery organizations be sure to check out The Intelitech Group’s UltimateAnalytics solution.


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