ARM Industry Case Study: Improving Agency Operations for Enhanced Results

Becoming more efficient means saving time and money, and in return, becoming more profitable. Sounds pretty good, right?  Becoming more efficient also means a higher likelihood of succeeding even when the industry is becoming more competitive. We see every day that companies who are struggling to innovate are finding it increasingly difficult to stay profitable.

With the critical need to become more efficient, it leaves businesses seeking new ways to improve results.  For our most successful clients, it all boils down to cutting out wasted effort.

In the ARM industry, cutting out the wasted effort equates to putting more effort on accounts that are more likely to pay. Optimizing your resources and strategies to align tightly with that outcome can create significant positive change for your results.

We recently sat down with one of our valued clients, a leader in the ARM space, to talk about how the challenge of optimization can be successfully addressed.  Here’s a snippet of what Steve Zank, Vice President at Eastern Account System, Inc in Danbury, Connecticut shared:

“We were getting to a stage where adding resources wasn’t getting us the same results it used to. We were looking for ways to be more efficient.”

Does this sound like a familiar challenge?  Then check out the rest of this industry Case Study on improving your operations here.


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