We’re thankful to be part of the ARM industry right now: here’s why

Calling 2020 “a challenging year” is quite the understatement; however, with challenge comes opportunity and we are proud to be part of an industry that supports one another while solving some difficult problems. We are not the only folks in our industry feeling thankful this season, so we asked some ARM innovators to share their perspectives. Here is what we heard:

“I am thankful for the opportunity to be in a business and in an industry that has been able to pivot and take care of our employees. Our staff has been incredible, and they have really stepped up.”

— Chris Dunkum, President, First Collection Services

“Wow, I’ve learned a lot in 2020. I’m very grateful to have solid data management partners and premier analytics. The ability to be agile and responsive is paramount.”

— Joseph Boekenoogen, President, Western Collection Bureau

“I am thankful for my family. They are the foundation to my everything. Everything that I am and everything I do is for my family. I am also thankful for a job that I truly love. I am fortunate to be doing what I love doing day in, day out.”

— Rebecca Roberts-Stewart, Chief Operating Officer, L J Ross Associates

“I am grateful I have such a flexible staff that was able to adapt to a whole new dynamic once we were given one day’s notice that the state was closing.”

— Steve Zank, Vice President, Eastern Account System

“Although 2020 has been a doozy, I am still thankful for all the things that I have, my family, my great team at work, my health, and my great attitude. At my office we have pushed through the bumps in the road by doing what we do best, helping consumers and we have had a little bit of help from our friends (aka our wonderful vendors).”

— Kelly Parsons-O’Brien, President, Pacific Credit Services

Unsurprisingly, our gratitude at Intelitech is with our clients who have clearly stayed positive, flexible, and creative. We’re also incredibly grateful for frontline health care workers, our families, and Netflix.

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving,

Your friends at Intelitech


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