At The Intelitech Group we love competition. We have competed in ping-pong, sports bracket challenges, and Fitbit competitions.

We always find a way to turn something into a competition. So, when collection agencies came to us saying they were ready to move past collector training that consisted of sitting through lectures, studying documentation, and taking quizzes, we knew exactly what to do.

We created a solution that made collector training fun, engaging, and competitive. Through our solution we have discovered five reasons how competition improves collector training.

1. Collectors are naturally competitive

We all like to win. It doesn’t matter what we are doing we all want to be the best at it.

Whenever I run through a demo with a potential StackUp™ client, I’m always told about how competitive their collectors are and how they always want to do better than the person sitting next to them. Since collectors are naturally competitive it keeps them engaged and excited to learn.

2. Creates excitement

Competition brings excitement, and one learns best when they are excited about it. I remember being in a math class that I didn’t particularly enjoy, but whenever the teacher would have us play a game, math became my favorite subject.

A few months ago, we heard from a manager telling us that she had collectors calling on their days-off wanting to know if they could answer StackUp questions.

3. Effort is rewarded and encouraged

The innate desire to win pushes collectors to do their best. Competition allows the collectors who are working hard and putting in effort to be extrinsically rewarded with prizes and recognition.

Every month Intelitech rewards and recognizes the top collectors with the highest scores. Collectors can also work towards receiving personal rewards and accolades such as being certified in various laws, perfect scores, and fastest times.

4. Retain Information

I have a pretty bad memory, but if a competition requires remembering something, then I can remember it for a long time.

Collectors are motivated to retain information especially when they know it will help them win. We have thousands of questions in our StackUp system. It is rare for a collector to get the same question asked more than once, although common concepts are repeated. This system assures collectors retain the information incase a similar question appears later.

5. Measures Performance

Keeping score allows collectors to measure how well they are doing against others. Last week I played in a rec basketball game and my team lost 107-37. Yes, you read that right. Based off the score you can tell the team I’m on has a lot of improvements to make if we want to take home the championship trophy.

Competition amongst collectors allows them to see how they stack-up. At anytime a collector can see their score for the month and know where they rank within StackUp.

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