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Train Your Collectors To Be Top Performers

Connecting with your debtors by phone is one of the most effective ways to collect money. But when your collectors can't communicate skillfully, they tend to recover fewer dollars.

StackUp™ - Collector Training Game (new)

StackUp is a training game for your collectors to complete daily against others in order to become more compliant and knowledgeable in the industry. StackUp uses repetitious learning combined with gamification to create a fun, competitive, learning environment. In fact, we've learned that over 80% of collectors surveyed have said that using StackUp for less than 8 minutes a day makes them better collectors and helps them to more efficiently collect on more of your receivables! Play Here

StackUp Assists in the Following Areas:

Elevate!™ - Collector Training Program

Elevate! is a system of education and feedback that uses core competencies in a multi-faceted approach. Designed to improve individual collector performance, Elevate! empowers coaches to identify areas of weakness and provide tools to not just train and educate, but allow collectors the ability to practice their newly acquired skills.

Elevate! Highlights:

CollectorTalk!™ - Collector Training Product

CollectorTalk! is an affordable, easy-to-use computer-based training tool designed to improve collectors' interpersonal skills so they can recover more, more efficiently.

CollectorTalk! Highlights:

The Unique technology of CollectorTalk! will arm your people with the skills they need to overcome debtor excuses and confidently collect the maximum amount on each call. Visit the links below for more information, or contact us today.

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